About us

Technology in healthcare

A system developed by a team that involves physicians, personal trainers, psychologists and many other professionals, Iron brings to the user an innovative and unique experience around the world.

Through a mobile application with predefined interfaces, Iron allows the user to collect important data about their health and sports practice. From nutrition control to a complete and intelligent training system, Iron makes the user’s smartphone a powerful tool for planning and delivering results.

Professional assistance

At Iron, the user always has a team formed by a doctor, a personal trainer, a psychologist and a program manager.

All information collected and posted at the user’s smartphone is analyzed by the team to take it on a day-to-day basis and during their program. Periodic evaluations are performed by the team to quantify the user’s progress and set new goals.

Health is a priority

Besides sports doctors, who aim to assist the user in the healthy practice of exercise and improvement in the quality of life in general, our team also has doctors of other specialties.

We can carry out a complete preventive medicine, monitor each aspect of the patient’s health and refer users to more specific consultations and face-to-face investigations, if necessary.


With updated concepts and technology help, our bodybuilding workouts are developed by personal trainers, along with sports doctors, so that the user always gets the best results.

The program manager, along with the personal trainer, will analyze constantly the user data collected and registered on app to adapt the training to each athlete’s individual needs.

Mens sana in corpore sano

("healthy body healthy mind")

The Iron Company believes that the best results from both training and medical treatment are obtained by self-confident, determined and happy patients.

For this reason, the entire system was developed with psychologists help, in order to keep the user motivated and with good adherence to the program. Our team has been trained to find difficulties during the program and help the patient overcome such barriers that may arise along the way.

Other sports

Currently Iron offers nutritional, medical, psychological and muscular support for practicing any sport.

However, specific programs are under development and research to assist the athlete in technical issues related to other sports, in addition to bodybuilding.


In order to innovate in a responsible manner, Iron adequates to the legal aspects of each country that it attends, providing respect and safety to the users. Our company is registered with the Health Regulatory Entity (ERS) in Portugal, under the number E132136, and has as its technical director Dr. Catarina Santos.