Investment in employee's happiness, in addition to having a positive impact on the organization's productivity and profitability, is an opportunity to raise the level of well-being at work.

Putting technology to the services of the binomial work > well-being, promotes personal development, is seen as an extra salary benefit and is also a tool of professional loyalty.

Customized for your company

Iron has created an exclusive business line to help companies take care of the health of their employees and increase their levels of happiness and well-being, resulting in greater productivity.

In a study by Briston University (Coulson, 2008) it shows that employees who exercise:


of productivity increase
on training days


faster than sedentary


more motivated to perform
work activities


reduction in work absenteeism combining
good nutrition + training

Recently, the University of California has presented a study that showed that for every dollar businesses spend on well-being programs, they save 3.27 on health care and 2.73 on absenteeism costs.

All in the same App


In the innovative Iron App users take care of their own health, in an easy, intuitive and efficient way.

Developed and maintained by healthcare and sports professionals, it encourages the user to exercise, allowing him to record all his health activities and to obtain reports on his progress.


The first step to a healthy life is eating well. At Iron we have doctors and nutritionists that will assist every user to do just that.

First, we figure out how food intake is affecting each employee's productivity and well-being in general. Then, considering things like food preferences, lab tests, doctor's evaluations, medical and family history, individual and family budget, among others, we design an effective meal program for each worker. Our programs can include in-company meals and snacks, if the company provides those. We can also suggest restaurant options in the area of the company according to budget and preferences of each employee.

With references created by the Iron team of doctors and nutritionists, in addition to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, users know everything they need to eat to stay healthy. In an easy and intuitive way, they can access reports and information about their food intake and how they are progressing towards a healthier life.

Smart Tips

The Iron App has unique features in the nutrition section, such as the meal generator, where the intelligent algorithm of the app generates a meal based on the nutritional goals of each user, created by our nutritionist or public health guidelines, in addition to several features unique to the Iron App.


For a long time, there has been no doubt that every individual should exercise, no matter what the context is. Nowadays, more and more data indicates the link between exercise and work productivity, general happiness and well-being.

The Iron App makes it easy for each user to engage in an exercise routine, by adapting the program to their routine, needs and goals. After collecting user's data and developing an effective exercise program, we help each user keep track of their workouts, as well as make adaptations to their training plans according to data analysis and results.

In-person and online classes, according to company's preferences and user's budget, help improve user engagement and social harmony inside the company. Periodically, the Iron Team will also promote healthy competition between employees to improve their satisfaction and happiness towards the program, the company and their colleagues.

Personal Trainer 24/7

We have a team of personal trainers to assist users online, whenever they have questions about their programs or exercise routines. Our staff will help them through each barrier, making it easy for them to adapt, once and for all, on a healthy exercise routine.


The sharing of experiences and social integration is one of the key factors of the Iron company. The App allow users to interact with co-workers and with the company through an exclusive communication channel.

"With a system developed by a team of physicians, personal trainers, psychologists and many other professionals, Iron brings to the user an innovative and unique experience worldwide."


The Company

Iron is a technology in healthcare company that uses innovative methods to assist the individual to take care of their own health and well-being.
To achieve this, we focus on three main aspects of the user's life:

Prevention &

Professional Team

Formed by a multinational team of physicians, personal trainers, nutritionists and many others, the company was launched in 2014, combining new technologies to promote interactions between the team and the users. Our goal is to provide an unique experience and help users take care of themselves and live a better life.

The company is headquartered in Cascais, Portugal and is registered on the Portuguese Health Regulator (PHR) under the number E132136.
It is listed in the National Health Service (NHS) as an application that promotes health and wellness.
In addition to the main structure in Portugal, the company has subsidiaries in Brazil, United States, India and Pakistan.


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healthy life

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Performance & productivity

Reports of well-being & motivation
of the labor force.

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